Device: Delete Node

The Device: Delete Node allows a workflow to remove a Device inside the current application.

Device: Delete Node


To find the device to delete, the node requires the device ID. This field is templatable, and so supports finding a device based on the current workflow payload.

This node can only delete one device at a time, so the return value from the template must be a single device ID.

Device: Delete Node Configuration

Optionally you can provide a payload path in the “Result Path” field so that the delete device result can be placed at that path on the current workflow payload. In the case of a successful device deletion, this will be true, and in the case of a failed device deletion this will be an object of any errors about the deletion of the device.

Device: Delete Node Result

For instance, given the example node configuration in the screenshots above, this is a possible result for a successful device deletion:

  "data": {
    "deviceId": "589de7d2a1975a00017b227f",
    "losantDevice": true