Meridian Trigger Node

The Meridian Trigger fires a workflow whenever an event is received on the selected Meridian integration.

Meridian Trigger

Node Properties

The trigger only takes one parameter:


Select which of your Meridian integrations you would like to fire the trigger for. Assuming the integration is connected, your workflow will trigger whenever the integration receives a message.

After selecting a Meridian integration, a summary of the events that will cause the trigger to fire will appear beneath the selector (i.e. zone updates and/or asset updates, or specific map IDs).


The trigger’s initial payload includes a data object with the following properties:

  • message: An object containing the data included with the event. Content of the object varies depending on the update type and the definitions in Meridian.
  • topic: A string representing the event type. This value will be either “zone_update” or “asset_update”.

In the general case, a Meridian Trigger’s initial payload looks like the following:

  "applicationId": "555555555555eeeeeeeeeeee",
  "applicationName": "My Great Application",
  "data": {
    "message": {
      "zone_id": "51",
      "tag_id": "DD78ABA45293",
      "action": "exit",
      "timestamp": 1522115674753
    "topic": "<asset_update|zone_update>"
  "flowId": "333333333333cccccccccccc",
  "flowName": "My Great Workflow",
  "flowVersion": "myFlowVersion",
  "globals": {
    "aJsonGlobal": {
      "key": "value"
    "aNumberGlobal": 42,
    "aStringGlobal": "My value"
  "relayId": "<ID of the integration>",
  "relayType": "integration",
  "time": Fri Feb 19 2016 17:26:00 GMT-0500 (EST),
  "triggerId": "<ID of the integration>",
  "triggerType": "integration"


The Meridian Trigger only fires for events that match the integration’s configuration. For example:

  • If only “Zone Updates” is selected, an “Asset Update” event will not fire the trigger.
  • If one or more map IDs are supplied for filtering events, any messages received on map IDs not included in the trigger configuration will not fire the trigger.

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