Managing Sandbox Users

The Losant Instance Manager allows members to view and delete all Sandbox Users that fall under their company’s instance. Using this tool, administrators can view sandbox users’ usage limits and remove user accounts when necessary.

Note: Not all Losant users have access to the Instance Manager; if you are an administrator at a large-scale, enterprise company or are a Losant reseller, or you otherwise feel that access to the tool would be beneficial to your company, contact your Losant account manager.

Viewing Sandbox Users

To access the Instance Manager, click the “Instance Manager” icon in the main navigation of the platform interface. From here you can select the “Sandbox Accounts” subnavigation item. This will redirect you to the list of all sandbox users currently under your instance, along with the organizations they are members of, their most recent login, and their payload usage for the current billing period. Clicking an organization name will navigate you to that organization’s detail page. Clicking a user’s email will navigate you to the user’s detail page.

Instance Sandbox Users List

If any user has been marked for deletion, there will be a red (Deletion Pending) indicator below the user name.

User Details

Instance Sandbox User Detail

Navigating to a sandbox account’s detail page allows you to see a more detailed view of the types of payloads contributing to their payload count, their resource counts and limits, their MFA status, the last time a password change was performed, and more.

Deleting Sandbox Users

Instance Sandbox User Delete

In order to delete a sandbox user, navigate to the user detail page by clicking their email link from the sandbox accounts list. Once at the user’s details page, instance administrators can click Delete User to mark the user for deletion, removing access to the account and freeing up the email for a new account.

Instance Sandbox User Un-Delete

Note: This action does not permanently delete the account instantly. A banner will appear detailing when the action will be permanent and you will have the option to Un-Delete User to reverse the action until that time. While deleting the user account is reversable until permanent deletion, not all user data will be recoverable.

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