Application Templates

Application Templates are a set of real-world reference implementations that you can use for:

  • Architecture guidance.
  • Implementation best practices.
  • Starting points for your own applications.

Application Template Overview

Application templates are comprehensive implementation examples that demonstrate changing Losant features into real IoT solutions. When you create a new application from a template, the template will automatically generate all required devices, workflows, dashboards, and any other resources included in that template.

Available Templates

Each template was carefully designed to demonstrate a specific set of Losant’s capabilities. Losant currently contains the following templates:

  1. Asset Tracker, by Losant: Monitors real-time geolocation, temperature, and shock for multiple asset tracking devices.
  2. Connected Product Foundation, by Losant: A prebuilt and production-ready template that significantly reduces the development time and complexity for your Losant applications.
  3. ESP32 and Embedded Edge Agent, by Losant: Provides sample firmware and Embedded Workflows for getting started with the Embedded Edge Agent on an ESP32 board.
  4. Elipsa Predictive Maintenance, by Losant: Demonstrates how to perform real-time outlier detection using an AI model trained and executed using Elipsa.
  5. EnOcean IoT Starter Kit by Losant: Provides dashboards and a provisioning user interface to make it easy to utilize EnOcean sensors in production smart environment applications.
  6. Huddle Room Monitor, by Losant: Provides real-time availability and historical occupancy data for corporate huddle rooms.
  7. Indoor Asset Tracker, by Losant: Illustrates an indoor asset tracking application that can be used to monitor and locate assets in a physical environment.
  8. Industrial Equipment Monitor, by Losant: A multi-tenant equipment monitoring application with multiple customers and users.
  9. Itron Milli HDK Temperature Monitor Template, by Losant: A reference implementation for any IoT solution utilizing Itron’s Milli architecture and Losant’s application enablement platform.
  10. KST33 Series Distance Sensor, by KST Technologies: Provides example workflows and dashboards to demonstrate the functionality of the LoRaWAN KST3320 Distance Sensor.
  11. LoRaWAN with Senet Developer Portal, by Senet: Demonstrates how to onboard LoRaWAN sensors using the Senet Developer Portal and Losant.
  12. Modbus Edge Compute with Lanner, by Losant: Demonstrates how to read and write Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU data using Lanner gateways and Losant’s Gateway Edge Agent.
  13. Overall Equipment Effectiveness, by Losant: Illustrates a sample implementation of OEE measurements for a set of paper machines.
  14. The Things Network, by Losant: Demonstrates visualization and alerting for LoRaWAN devices using The Things Network and the Radio Bridge Voltage Sensor.
  15. Weather Station, by Losant: Requests weather data from an external API to populate a personal weather dashboard.

Creating Applications from Templates

To create an Application using an Application Template:

  1. Navigate to the New Application page.
  2. Select the application template that best applies.

After creation, you can always modify and delete resources created by these templates.

Application Template Resource Usage

When you choose a template, you’ll receive a preview dialog showing you the resources that this template requires.

Application Template Modal

If the sandbox or organization chosen doesn’t have enough remaining resources, you won’t be able to create the application.

Importing from GitHub

If you’re using a dedicated Losant installation or a white-label environment, these templates will not appear in the Losant user interface. If you’d like to use any of these templates, you can import them from the GitHub repository:

  1. Clone the repository to your local computer.
  2. Zip the folder that contains the template you’d like to use.
  3. Use Losant’s Application Import functionality to import the zipped template as a new application.

Adding Application Templates

Adding a template to our platform is a great way to get your brand in front of our developer community. If you’d like to see your own template listed, contact us to learn how to contribute.

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