Indoor Asset Tracker Template

This Application Template illustrates an indoor asset tracking solution, a multi-view application that can be used to monitor, and locate assets in a physical environment.

Key Components

This indoor asset tracking application is designed to simulate movement of beacon-like devices on the campus of an assisted living facility. This template provides an example of the following:

  • Sample devices based on BLE beacons
  • Live and historical overview and device dashboards
  • A pinpad kiosk login
  • Separate views for managers and employees
  • Real-time location-based event alerts and monitoring

Indoor Asset Tracker Template Preview


This template contains a README that provides instructions and guidance on the template implementation.

To create an Application from this template:

  1. Navigate to the New Application page.
  2. Select the Asset Tracker Template.

You can also import this template from the GitHub repository.


For more information, see:

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