Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Template

This is an Application Template that illustrates a sample implementation of OEE measurements for a set of paper machines.

OEE indicates the percentage of time the machine is productive by combining the following metrics:

  • Availability: Measures the amount of time the machine was down during planned production.
  • Performance: Measures the amount of time the machine ran below standard speed.
  • Quality: Measures the number of product defects and reworks.

The calculation of OEE is very specific to each organization’s machine types and manufacturing processes. Because of that, this template is meant to act as a reference implementation that can be adapted to your own equipment and standards.

Key Components

  • Sample devices based on paper machines.
  • Displaying OEE metrics on a Losant Dashboard.
  • Calculating OEE within a Losant Workflow.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness Template Preview


This template contains a README that provides instructions and guidance on the template implementation.

To create an application from this template:

  1. Navigate to the New Application page.
  2. Select the Overall Equipment Effectiveness Template.

You can also import this template from the GitHub repository.


For more information, see:

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