Asset Tracker Template

This Application Template represents a geolocation asset tracking solution with temperature, shock, and tilt monitoring.

Asset Tracker Template Preview

By combining real-time location data with real-time sensor data, this template delivers many asset tracking use cases such as:

  • Automated delivery confirmation
  • Cold-chain monitoring
  • Theft prevention and recovery
  • Equipment usage trends

Key Components

This template provides an example of the following:

  • Sample tracking devices moving between distribution centers.
  • Tracking issues with shipments through Events.
  • Information about distribution centers stored in a Data Table.
  • Custom application experience that utilizes overview and detail dashboards.


This template contains a README that provides instructions and guidance on the template implementation.

To create an Application from this template:

  1. Navigate to the New Application page.
  2. Select the Asset Tracker Template.

You can also import this template from the GitHub repository.


The following list contains helpful resources for this template’s implementation: