Edge 1.11.0

Device: Startup Trigger Node

The Device: Startup Trigger will trigger a workflow whenever the Losant Edge Agent starts or restarts.

Device Startup Trigger

Node Properties

This node does not have any properties. Any edge device that has an edge workflow with this trigger will fire on edge agent startup or whenever the agent restarts.


The payload will have an empty object on the standard data field, since there is no useful data to report other than the fact the device started. In the general case, a device startup workflow payload will look like the following:

  "time": <time of startup>,
  "data": {
  "applicationId": <id of the current application>,
  "applicationName": <name of the current application>,
  "triggerId": <id of the triggering device>,
  "triggerType": "onBoot",
  "deviceTags": {<any tags for the device>},
  "deviceName": <the device name>,
  "flowId": <id of the current workflow>,
  "flowName": <name of the current workflow>,
  "globals": <object of workflow globals>

For the example workflow above, a specific payload for a triggered workflow might look like this:

  "time": Fri Feb 19 2016 17:26:00 GMT-0500 (EST),
  "data": {
  "applicationId": "568beedeb436ab01007be53d",
  "applicationName": "Embree",
  "triggerId": "56c8967bb8df0f0100d629120",
  "triggerType": "onBoot",
  "deviceTags": {
    "floor": ["2"],
    "location": ["warehouse1"]
  "deviceName": "My Factory Device",
  "flowId": "56c74add04d0b50100043381",
  "flowName": "Connection Info",
  "globals": {}