Group: Create Node

The Group: Create Node allows a workflow to create a new Experience Group inside the current application.

Group: Create Node

Node Properties

The Group: Create Node has two main configuration sections:

Group Configuration

The ”Individual Fields” option allows for a simple configuration.

The ”JSON Template” and ”Payload Path” options are more advanced options because they give you full control over the group being created.

Group: Create Node Configuration

Individual Fields

Using this option, the block configuration is separated into various string templates fields:

  • Name—Name of the group.
  • Description—Description of the group.
  • Group ParentParent group of the group to be created.
  • DevicesAdvanced query that defines the devices to be associated with the created group.
  • Group TagsTags to apply to the new group.
  • Members—Initial users to assign to the group as members.

Group: Create Node More Configuration

JSON Template

The input must be a JSON template string that can be parsed into a JSON object that validates against the Experience Group Post schema:

  "description": "{{}}",
  "name": "{{}}"

Payload Path

The input must be a payload path that points to an object on the current workflow payload that validates against the Experience Group Post schema.


Optionally, you may provide a payload path at which to place the result of the operation.

Group: Create Node Result

If node execution is successful, this will be the experience group object.

If node execution fails, this will be an object of errors.

Node Example

Upon successful execution, this is a possible result for a successful group creation:

  "working": {
    "groupResult": {
      "experienceUserIds": [],
      "experienceEndpointIds": [],
      "deviceTags": [],
      "deviceIds": [],
      "id": "5ea72535db6cd100075e95e7",
      "experienceGroupId": "5ea72535db6cd100075e95e7",
      "lastUpdated": "2020-04-27T18:32:21.631Z",
      "creationDate": "2020-04-27T18:32:21.626Z",
      "applicationId": "5ea04e5ba2efcc00077a81c8",
      "groupTags": {
        "warehouse": "3"
      "deviceQueryJson": "{\n \"$nor\": [\n{\n \"tags\": {\n\"$eq\": {\n \"$tagKey\": \"warehouse\",\n \"$tagValue\": \"3\"\n}\n }\n}\n ]\n}",
      "parentId": "5ea7229c93f1de000702590f",
      "description": "Assets belonging to warehouse 3",
      "name": "Warehouse 3"

Node Errors

If the Group: Create Node encounters an error, it will be placed on the payload at the configured result path like so:

  "working": {
    "groupResult": {
      "error": {
        "message": "name is required",
        "type": "Validation"

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