Modbus Edge Compute with Lanner

This Application Template demonstrates how to read and write Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU data using Lanner gateways and Losant’s Gateway Edge Agent.

This template is designed to act as a hardware and software Modbus development kit. With the off-the-shelf components listed below in-hand, your organization can immediately begin experimenting with Modbus in your own environment. The lessons learned from this template’s reference implementation can then be applied to your own Modbus sensors and equipment.

Key Features

  • Example Edge Workflows to read and securely transmit Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU data.
  • Modbus TCP simulation script that can be run on your network to closely represent real devices.
  • Example Modbus RTU workflow that reads data from an off-the-shelf Modbus RTU temperature sensor.
  • Dashboards to visualize Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU data.
  • Local control to automatically write to Modbus registers based on sensor values.

Required Components

To use all features of this template, the following components are required:

Modbus Edge Compute with Lanner


This Application Template contains a README that provides instructions and guidance on the template implementation.

To create an Application from this template:

  1. Navigate to the New Application page.
  2. Select the Modbus Edge Compute with Lanner Template.

You can also import this template from the GitHub repository.


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