Template Tester

The Losant Template Tester is an interactive tool that provides a way for users to practice, test, and explore examples using Losant's Template Engine. Losant's Template Engine is the primary way for Losant Developers to access payload data in the Workflow Engine and access context while building End-User Experiences. The Losant Template Tester is intended to be used by both new and experienced Losant Developers to hone their skills and improve the quality of their work.

If you need help, please see the FAQ section below, or drop us a line in our Forums .


Welcome to the Template Tester.


The context object that will be rendered by your template. The context object is required to be a valid JSON string. Tip: you can copy/paste context directly from a workflow's Debug Panel and an experience's Render Log.


The Handlebars template that will render your context. Since Losant's Template Engine is an extension of Handlebars, there are many helpers provided by Losant that offer additional capability beyond the built-in Handlebars helpers.


Share this Template

The copy button below will encode the current Context and Template into a URL that can be shared.

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How do I validate JSON?

There are a few tools on the internet that will help you validate JSON. We recommend JSON Lint.

How do I validate my template?

There are many tools online, but we recommend Try Handlebars.

Where do I get context from?

You can copy/paste context directly from a workflow's Debug Panel, an experience's Render Log, or write one yourself!