Root Mean Square Node

The Root Mean Square Node allows for calculating the root mean square (RMS) of an array of numbers and placing the calculated value at a payload path of your choosing.

Root Mean Square Node


There are two properties to set for the Root Mean Square Node.

Path to Source Array

First, enter a payload path to an array of numbers for which you would like to calculate the root mean square. Each entry in the array must be a number or the node will throw an error.

Note: The maximum length of the source array is 2,048 items. If your source array has more items than that limit, the node will error.

Result Path

Next, enter a payload path for where the result of the node should be placed on your payload. The value placed at this path will be the calculated root mean square, or an error object if the RMS could not be calculated.

Node Errors

There are a handful of common cases where the Root Mean Square Node will throw an error:

  • If the value at the source path is not an array.
  • If the value is an array but the array is empty.
  • If any item within the source array is not a number.
  • If the length of the source array is greater than 2,048 items.

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