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JWT: Create Node

The JWT: Create Node allows a workflow to create a JSON Web Token from a json object and secret and places it on the payload.

JWT Create Node


JWT: Create Node configuration requires at least a JSON Template object, Secret Template and an Algorithm Type. The JSON template can be given as a path from the payload or a JSON template object, both should resolve to an object. The secret template can either be a payload template path, or the secret key itself. The default algorithm type is HS256, see the list below for all algorithms.

JWT Create Node Config

Algorithm Types

  • HS256 - default
  • HS384
  • HS512
  • RS256
  • RS384
  • RS512
  • ES256
  • ES384
  • ES512


The JWT: Create Node has one optional output field. The Destination Path field takes a payload path. If it is defined and the JWT successfully created, it will be added to your payload at said path, otherwise an error object will be there.

!!! note Please note that an iat or issued at time value will be included on the payload, and does modify the Web Token string.


If any of these options are given in the JSON Template field, they will not be overwritten by these options. These options are your defaults.

  • Expires In - Given a number and the time unit to create an expiration date. This will not be used if exp exists in the JSON Template. If you choose No Expiration Time, and exp is not in the JSON Template, the generated token will never expire.
  • Issuer Template - A string or payload template that will used as the issuer. This will not be used if iss exists in the JSON Template.

JWT Create Node Options

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