Base64 Decode Node

The Base64 Decode Node allows you to decode a Base64 string in the payload and store it elsewhere in the payload for later use. The result will be a binary array by default.

This node is only available in Embedded Workflows. If you would like to decode a Base64 string in any of the other workflow classes, you can do so using the {{decodeBase64}} helper.

Base64 Decode Node


The Base64 Decode Node takes two properties for its configuration.

Source String Path

First, enter a payload path to a Base64 encoded string.

Destination Path

Next, enter a payload path where the result of the transformation should be placed. The result will be the original data before it was Base64 encoded as a binary array by default.

If the source string path is not a Base64 string, the transformation will fail.

Output as UTF-8 String

Optionally, you may want the result to be UTF-8 encoded string instead of a binary array.

Node Example

In the following example payload, the workflow will decode the string at data.stringToDecode path and place the results at the working.result path.

  "data": {
    "stringToDecode": "TXkgc3RyaW5n"

The payload after execution of the Base64 Decode Node would look like:

  "working": {
    "result": [

Node Errors

In the case that the provided input is not a valid Base64 string, the workflow will error.

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