ApplicationEdge 1.0.0

Timer Trigger Node

The Timer Trigger will fire a workflow on a scheduled interval.

Timer Trigger

Node Properties

The Timer Trigger can be configured in three different ways:

  • Simple Interval: Configure the timer to fire after a repeating period of time. Configured by using an amount and a unit - the unit can be “Seconds”, “Minutes”, “Hours”, or “Days”. The interval can be any positive number that evaluates to at least 1 second and less than 1 year (fractional intervals are allowed).
  • Simple Schedule: Configure the timer to fire based on a simple daily schedule. Select the days of the week, the time of day that the timer should fire, and the time zone of the given time of day.
  • Advanced: Configure the timer to fire using a valid cron string. The base cron spec is supported, and in addition the non-standard /, @yearly, @monthly, @weekly, @daily, and @hourly syntax is supported. The non-standard L, W, #, ?, @reboot, and @annually syntax is not supported.

Timer Trigger Config

In the above example, the timer is configured using Simple Interval, and is set so that the timer will fire every 5 minutes.


Unlike most other triggers, there is no special data included in the payload for a Timer Trigger, so the data field is set to an empty object. The only data relevant to a Timer Trigger is the time at which the trigger fired, and that is just in the standard time field that every trigger payload has. In the general case, a timer workflow payload will look like the following:

  "time": <time of the trigger>,
  "data": {},
  "applicationId": <id of the current application>,
  "applicationName": <name of the current application>,
  "triggerId": <id of the Timer Trigger>,
  "triggerType": "timer",
  "flowId": <id of the current workflow>,
  "flowName": <name of the current workflow>,
  "globals": <object of workflow globals>

For the example workflow above, a specific payload for a triggered workflow might look like this:

  "time": Fri Feb 19 2016 17:26:00 GMT-0500 (EST),
  "data": {},
  "applicationId": "56311a8e51645b2054eb258b",
  "applicationName": "Embree",
  "triggerId": "78fbb050d7f811e5b995b3a5b31df7d8",
  "triggerType": "timer",
  "flowId": "56c8967bb8df0f0100d62912",
  "flowName": "Electricity Pricing Data",
  "globals": {}