Generate ID Node

The Generate ID Node allows you to generate IDs in UUID, Object ID, or Nano ID format and add them to your payload.

Generate ID Node


There are at least two required fields of the configuration for this node …

  • ID Type: (Required) The node supports the following types:

    • UUID V1 (Default)
    • UUID V3
    • UUID V4
    • UUID V5
    • Object ID
    • Nano ID
  • Destination Path: (Required) A path to store the generated ID on the payload.

Extra Fields

UUID V3, UUID V5 and Nano ID all have extra configuration fields.

UUID V3 & UUID V5 Extra Options

  • Namespace Template: (Required) A string template to use as the namespace for the hashing to create the UUID. This value itself should be a UUID.
  • Value Template: (Required) A string template combined with the namespace to create a hash to use to make the new UUID.

Nano ID

  • Number of Characters: (Optional) A string template for setting the length of the generated ID. By default, an ID of 21 characters will be given if this is not specified. This number must be an integer greater than 0 and less than 256.

Generate ID Node Configuration

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