ApplicationExperienceEdge 1.0.0

Slack Node

The Slack Node allows a workflow to send messages to a Slack channel.

Slack Node


The Slack Node has three configuration properties - the Slack Webhook URL, the Slack channel, and the message to send to that channel.

Slack Node Config

Slack Incoming Webhook URLs can be created in Slack’s incoming webhook integration. The URL of a configured webhook should be used as the webhook URL in the Slack Node configuration.

Both the URL field and the channel field support string templates. The channel field is optional, and if left blank, the message will be sent to the default room for the chosen Slack incoming webhook. If a specific channel is desired, remember to prefix it with the ’#’ sign.

The message field also supports string templates; however, if the message is left completely blank, the entire payload of the workflow will be sent to the Slack room.

In the example above, the message Power level exceeded error threshold at {{ data.power }}! (where {{ data.power}} will be replaced with the current value of data.power in the payload) will be sent to the Slack channel #emergency.