GCP Pub/Sub Trigger Node

The GCP (Google Cloud Platform) Pub/Sub Trigger fires a workflow whenever a message is sent to one of the topics defined on a given Google Pub/Sub integration or when the integration receives a connection event.

Google Pub/Sub Trigger

Node Properties

The GCP Pub/Sub Trigger requires choosing a Pub/Sub integration, as well as at least one of the following events on which to fire the trigger:

  • Trigger on a connection
  • Trigger on a message (checked by default)
  • Trigger on a disconnection
  • Trigger on a failure to connect


The payload will include the received message in the data field. In the general case, a Google Pub/Sub Trigger workflow payload will look like the following:

In addition to the standard workflow payload information, the payload will include an object in the data field, which will include the following properties:

  • attributes: A key/value map of attributes passed with the message
  • data: The message that was published on the topic
  • id: The Google Cloud Pub/Sub message ID
  • timestamp: Google Cloud Pub/Sub message timestamp
  • topic: The topic on which the message was received

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