Embedded Devices

Embedded Devices are a special class of device that are capable of running the Embedded Edge Agent and executing Embedded Workflows.

Though not required, Embedded Devices typically represent real-world hardware that has less compute power, such as chips running in embedded systems.

Unlike Edge Compute Devices, Embedded Devices may not behave as Gateway Devices — that is, they may not report state on behalf of any device other than itself. They may also not have their own state reported by another device (i.e. they cannot behave as Peripheral Devices).

Creating a Device

You can create an Embedded Device through the same flow that all devices are created. Just choose “Embedded” from the device creation screen.

Add Embedded Device

Minimum Requirements

The hardware running the Embedded Edge Agent has two basic system requirements:

  • It must have at least 2MB of RAM.
  • It must be capable of running a language that supports a WebAssembly runtime.

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