Redis Trigger Node

The Redis Trigger Node will trigger a workflow whenever the Edge Compute device receives a message on the configured Redis Pub/Sub channel.

Redis Trigger

Node Properties

There are two sections of configuration for a Redis Trigger Node.

Redis Server Configuration

First, you need to configure what Redis server to connect to. You are required to provide the Redis hostname, and you may optionally provide the Redis port and password. If you don’t provide a port, it defaults to the standard Redis port of 6379. If you don’t provide a password, it defaults to no password.

Redis Channel Configuration

Once you have the information configured for the Redis connection, you then must configure the particular Redis channel or channel pattern to subscribe to.


The payload will include information about the message and the triggering channel/pattern. If you are just subscribing to a specific channel, the channel and pattern fields will be identical. If you have subscribed to a channel pattern, the pattern field will be the pattern you subscribed to, and the channel field will the particular channel the message arrived on:

  "applicationId": <id of the current application>,
  "applicationName": <name of the current application>,
  "data": {
    "message": <the redis message>,
    "pattern": <the pattern subscribed to>,
    "channel": <the specific channel for this message>
  "deviceId": <id of the edge device>,
  "deviceName": <the edge device name>,
  "deviceTags": {<any tags for the edge device>},
  "flowId": <id of the current workflow>,
  "flowName": <name of the current workflow>,
  "flowVersion": <name of the current workflow version>,
  "globals": <object of workflow globals>,
  "isConnectedToLosant": <if the agent is connected to Losant>,
  "agentEnvironment": <object of environment variables>,
  "time": <time the message arrived>,
  "triggerId": <id of the redis trigger>,
  "triggerType": "redis"

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