GCP Pub/Sub Node

The GCP (Google Cloud Platform) Pub/Sub Node allows a workflow to publish a message to a Google Pub/Sub queue on a topic of your choosing.

GCP Pub/Sub Node


Configuration for the node is broken up into four sections.


There are two Connection Method options available:

  • Choose an Integration: Retrieves your GCP Pub/Sub configuration from the selected Integration.

    • Integration: Choose which of your application’s Google Pub/Sub integrations you would like to publish the message on. (Note: Integrations are not accessible from Edge Workflows, so only direct configuration is available to them.)
  • Enter Credentials: Configure the GCP Pub/Sub connection directly within the node.

Topic & Message

The Topic Template is the topic on which the message will be published. (Note: It is not necessary to be subscribed to a topic in order to publish to it.)

  • Message Data Template: Select the format of the message template:

  • Message Template / Payload Path: Enter the message data in the selected format.


You may optionally include some attributes along with your message. Attributes are a map of key/value pairs. There are three methods by which you may include the attributes:

  • Individual Fields allows you to enter each key/value separately, with the key and the value both accepting string templates.
  • Json Template accepts an object of key/value pairs in one block. The object may not contain any nested properties, and Handlebars helpers may be used for either the keys or values.
  • Payload Path accepts a payload path to an object of key/value pairs on your payload.

Result Path

Optionally, you can store the message response on the current payload by entering a payload path here.

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