User: Delete Node

The User: Delete Node allows a workflow to delete an Experience User from the current application.

User: Delete Node


The node has two configuration properties - one for finding the user to delete, and one for storing the result of the deletion.

User: Delete Node Config

For finding the user to delete, the node can find either by user ID or email address - which are both required to be unique within the context of the application, and so will at most match a single user. The node determines if it should find by ID or email based on the form of the input (since the ID and email addresses have different forms). This field is templatable, and so supports finding a user based on the current workflow payload. The example above is doing exactly that, and is referencing the field on the workflow payload.

Optionally, the node also takes a payload path to store the result of the user deletion. When a payload path is provided either true or false will be placed at that path by the node. If the node successfully found and deleted a user, true will be placed at the payload path, otherwise the value will be false. In the example above, this value will be placed at data.deletionResult.

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