Device Count

The Device Count Block allows you to format and display counts of Devices.

Device Count Block


The block parameters are broken up into the following sections.


Device Count Block Queries

You may provide up to 100 advanced device queries, each returning a value object containing the integer count of the matching devices. Each query’s returned count is accessible in the variable {{value-<queryNumber>.count}}.

All of your dashboard context is available when building these queries.


Device Count Block Display

You will then build a custom display with the queried device counts and the default color for the block’s background. This input supports Handlebars helpers and Markdown to allow you to customize how your device counts are used and displayed on your dashboard.

Conditional Colors

Device Count Block Conditions

You may optionally provide a list of conditions under which the Device Count Block will change to a selected background color.

For example, you may want to provide a clear visual indicator when the displayed device count dips below a given threshold.

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