Bar Chart

The bar chart allows you to display proportional data across one or more devices.

Bar Chart Dashboard



To view the current state of your device(s), select "Last received data point". To view an aggregation of your data over a given time period, choose any other value.

Bar Chart Duration

Block Data

Each bar in the bar chart represents one data set. In the example above, each bar represents the number of remaining pours in a keg.

Each series can graph a single device state attribute. The data type of the state attribute must be set to Number to be properly visualized.

Bar Chart Data Set

Each series can also aggregate the same attribute across multiple devices; therefore, Device IDs / Tags should be populated with a device query to aggregate data for one or more devices per series.

In the event that a duration other than "Last received data point" is chosen, OR if more than one device is selected for a data set (either by manually choosing multiple devices or by specifying a device tag), an aggregation method must be defined for your data set. This determines how the data should be represented on the graph when multiple data points are present.

Bar Chart Aggregation

When this is graphed, it is now a single bar that contains the sum of all pours across the different devices.