Device List

The Device List Block displays a list of devices for a given application. The list includes the device’s name, current connection status and number of defined attributes.

Device List


The block parameters are broken up into two sections …

Filter List

You may choose to return all of your application’s devices or only devices that match any or all of a set of additional filters you provide. If choosing one of the latter two options, there are three types of filter you may provide:

Device List Filter

Note: When building a device list using an Experience User context variable, it is extremely likely that you want to choose the “Match any of the filters below” option. Choosing the “Match all” option will, in most cases return no devices in your list.

Device Tag

Filtering by a device tag will return devices that match the key and value pair you provide. If choosing a tag that matches only against a key, any device with the key defined will be returned regardless of its value. The same holds true for choosing a tag that matches only against a value; if any key has a value matching your query, the device will be returned.

Experience User

Filtering by an experience user context variable will return devices that are associated with that experience user through their membership in experience groups. Such a filter is useful when building experience dashboard pages that should display a list of all devices the associated with the current user.

Search String

Filtering by a search string will return devices whose name matches the provided string. This filter accepts an asterisk * to search for any occurrence of the given characters in the device name. For example:

  • Filtering with “dev” will display a device called “Device A” but hide one called “Second Device”
  • Filtering with ”*dev” will show both the “Device A” and “Second Device” devices

Inline Name Filter

Device List Inline Filter

You can also optionally add a name filter to the block itself. This allows viewers of the dashboard to filter the device list down further to find specific devices, in case there are multiple pages of devices to display. This filter is always applied in addition to the filters defined above.

Device List Inline Filter Display

NOTE: The inline filter field will be hidden at small block sizes, even if it is enabled here, in order to maximize the display area of the block.

Device List Link

By default, device names link to their respective configuration pages. (For public users and users who do not have permission to edit the devices’ application, no link is provided.)

You may override this behavior and link to a URL of your choosing. The custom URL supports Handlebars helpers, and information about the device (such as the name, ID and tags) is available within the template. This field also supports context variables.

If a custom URL is provided, the link will always display, regardless of the user’s permission level or public status.