Part 3 - Home Page

In the previous part of this walkthrough, you learned how to create a login page to allow your Experience Users to authenticate against your custom experience. This part will expand your experience to include a custom home page that only logged-in users can see.

Home Page Screenshot

The first step in building the home page is to create the view with the content.

Home Content

Set the Layout to the layout you created earlier in this walkthrough and set the Page Type to Custom. You can get the content for this example from GitHub; copy/paste that into your new page.

This home page example is mostly Twitter Bootstrap markup for laying out the content, plus a {{#fillSection}} helper similar to what was part of the Log In page.

Next, create the endpoint that will be returning the page we just created.

Home Endpoint

Set the Method / Route to / and set the Access Control to Any authenticated user. We are going to use some built in endpoint features that we have not talked about yet for this endpoint, called static replies. When your endpoint does not need complicated logic, you can use static replies to immediately redirect or render a page (and so you don’t need to create a workflow).

Home Endpoint Static Replies

In this case, there are two static replies - one for when there is an authenticated user, and one for when there is not. In the case where there is no authenticated user - the Unauthorized Reply - we are choosing to redirect to /login, to force the user to log in. In the case where there is an authenticated user, we are choosing to reply directly with the page that we created above, the Home Page.

Now that the page and endpoint with static replies are created, your home page route will work. If you request the / route while not logged in, you’ll be redirected to /login. At that point you can log in and then you’ll be redirected back to / to view your home page content.

This completes this part of the walkthrough. The following parts of this walkthrough will begin adding additional functionality that is common to most web pages.

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