Event List

The Event List Block displays a list of events for a given application. The list links to each event and displays each one’s subject, level (info, warning, error or critical) and the time the event occurred.

Event List


The block takes one required parameter and one optional parameter:

Event List Config

Event Status

The block can display events of different statuses. Choose one of the four options:

  • Open displays all open events. This is the status of all new events created within the platform. This includes all events that have not been acknowledged or resolved by the user.
  • Acknowledged displays all events that have been acknowledged by the user but have not yet been resolved.
  • Resolved displays all events resolved by the user.
  • All displays all of your events within the application, regardless of event status.

Event Filter

The block allows for a filter to reduce the list of events by subject. The filter accepts an asterisk * to search for any occurrence of the given characters in the event subject. For example:

  • Filtering with “geo” will display an event called “Geofence” but hide one called “Park My Geo Prizm”
  • Filtering with ”*geo”, will show both the “Geofence” and “Park My Geo Prizm” events

Do not provide a filter if you wish to display all events within the given event status (All, Open, Acknowledged or Resolved).