The Image Block allows you to display an image of your choice along side Losant information on your Losant dashboard.

Image Block


The block takes three parameters:

  • Image URL: This is the url of the image you would like to display. It can be stored within your application’s Files, or can be any publicly accessible image URL. The URL supports string templates, and so you can dynamically change the image based on dashboard context. The image will be displayed scaled to the size of the block on your dashboard.
  • Link: You can optionally have the image also be a link to the URL of your choice. This field supports string templates as well, letting you change the link based on dashboard context. If you would like this link to open in a new browser window or tab, check the Open in new window checkbox.
  • Background Color: You can optionally set the background color of the block. The default is transparent.

Image Block Config