Experience Views Walkthrough

This guide provides a complete walkthrough for using Experience Views to build a custom web interface for your end users. This guide starts with a detailed explanation of the pages that are auto-generated when you create a new experience. This guide then expands on those example pages with additional functionality that may be common in most web experiences.


This guide is split into five main sections:

Part 1: Page Layout
This section covers the Page Layout, which includes elements common to all pages, like the header and footer.

Part 2: Log In Page
The Log In page provides a way for your Experience Users to log in to your custom experience. This covers forms and how to send data back to a Losant workflow from a custom page.

Part 3: Home Page
Once your Experience Users are logged in, they are redirected to your home page. This section describes how to prevent unauthenticated users from accessing pages and how to create custom content.

Part 4: User Registration
This section expands your custom experience to allow users to sign up and register themselves.

Part 5: User Profile
This section describes how to build a page that allows your Experience Users to edit their own profiles and change their passwords.

Part 6: Forgot Password
This section describes how to build a flow allowing users who have forgotten their passwords to reset them via email.

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